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Introducing the Association

The AAICPM is a non-profit organization established on 14th Feb 2018 with the purpose of promoting international arbitration and mediation in the Macao SAR through bilateral and multilateral exchange and collaboration. It aims to facilitate the study of arbitration and mediation for the betterment of society. The AAICPM will organize and participate in various forums, conferences and lectures as well as publish several up-to-date articles on the topic on arbitration and mediation in order to promote arbitration, mediation and the relevant regulations in this field to the general public of Macao, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and ASEAN countries. The association also aims at strengthening Macao’s position as a preferred international arbitration and mediation centre in the Asia-Pacific region for Sino-Portuguese conflicts in the Greater Bay Area.

莫綺玲 (理事會主席).png


Lawyer since 2007

Master of Law (Chinese Section)
   University of Macau
Bachelor of Law degree in

            (Portuguese Section)
   University of Macau
Diploma in teaching Portuguese as

            a foreign language
   Faculty of Art of University

            of Lisbon, Portugal

Title in AAM (Macao Lawyers Association)/other Organization:

2020 - Present   Arbitrator of China Zhuhai

                              Arbitration Commission

2020 - Present   Arbitrator of China Guangzhou

                              Arbitration Commission
2020 - Present   International Affiliate of the Hong Kong

                              Institute of Certified Public


                              (HKICPA (IA) )

2019 - Present   Member of the Institute of

                              Financial Accountants


2019 - Present   Member of the Institute of

                              Public Accountants


2019 - Present   Member of the Institute of

                              Certified Management

                              Accountant, Australia

2019 - Present   Private Notary of Macau
2019-2023    Mediator of CIETAC

                              Mediation Center, Beijing
2018-2021    China-appointed notary

                              based in Macau
2018-Present  President of the Board

                              of Directors of "Public

                              Trust International

                              Arbitration Association

2017-Present  Arbitrator of "World Trade

                              Center Macau

                              - Arbitration Center"
2017-Present  Member of "Hong Kong

                              Institute of Arbitrators"
2016-Present  Member of "Chartered

                              Institute of Arbitrators"
2013-Present  Honorable President

                              of Elite – Association

                              for Creativity

                              and Music Culture
2012-2013    President of the Rotary

                              Club of Guia -

                              Rotary International

                              District 3450
2011-2016    Director of the Board of

                              Directors of Macao 

                              Lawyers Association (AAM)
2010-2012    President of Elite –

                              Association for

                              Creativity and Music

2009-2010    Substitute Member of

                              the High Council

                              Advocacy of Macao

                              Lawyers Association (AAM)

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